Wisconsin Real Estate Law

For both buyers and sellers of real estate in Wisconsin, as well as property owners, knowledge of the state’s complex real estate laws is a must in order to protect your best interests. Whether you are buying, selling, or facing a legal dispute, and no matter the size or scope of the real estate in question, the counsel of a skilled Wisconsin real estate lawyer is highly recommended.

Representation for All Real Estate Types

There are three major categories of real estate: vacant land, commercial property, and residential property. Each type of real estate presents its own unique set of legal requirements, specifications, and—often—complications. An attorney can provide representation for a variety of real estate issues within each facet of real estate law, ranging from:

  • Transferring of a lease;
  • Transferring of funds;
  • Drafting or reviewing of a purchase contract;
  • Preparing all legal documents;
  • Overseeing the closing process;
  • Understanding disclosure duties;
  • Clarifying the terms of a lease, mortgage, or other legal obligation;
  • Handling title issues; and
  • Investigating any existing liens, covenants, etc. against a property.

In many cases, the purchase or sale of a piece of property is accompanied by a usage and release agreement. This too is an important facet of real estate law, and if a usage and release agreement is part of your real estate transaction, legal counsel is essential.


More than Just Buying and Selling

Buyers and sellers face very different real estate issues. But once a person owns a property, there are a plethora of legal matters that he or she may face. To name a few, foreclosures, eminent domain, landlord-tenant disputes, evictions, zoning and land use questions, and title disputes are all common. If you are the owner of real estate in Wisconsin and have a pending legal dispute or pressing legal question, do not hesitate to consult with an attorney.

An Experienced Brookfield Real Estate Attorney Working for You

The best thing that you can do to protect your affairs and your property is to hire an experienced Wisconsin real estate attorney who will work diligently with your best interests in mind. At the Legal Group Ltd., our real estate attorneys have the skill set that your unique legal issue demands. To learn more and to schedule a consultation with us, call our Brookfield office today!

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  • We bought our current home directly from the owners. Jason walked us through the process with knowledge and wisdom. He was always easy to get a hold of and we heard back from him in timely fashion when we sent questions by e-mail. Jason also went the extra mile for us on a couple occasions, coming to meetings outside his normal circle of travel.

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