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For business owners, a legal dispute can wreak havoc on a company. When disputes are not handled in a timely and professional manner, the business may face far-reaching repercussions, ranging from profit loss to even criminal charges. To help mitigate Wisconsin business disputes, a business law attorney is an essential asset from the beginning of your business’s creation, regardless of your business type.

Common Legal Issues that Businesses Face

Businesses are complex entities, and as such, may potentially face a wide range of legal issues. For businesses both big and small, ranging from businesses owned by sole proprietors to large corporations, legal disputes can and do happen. Some of the most common legal issues that businesses in Wisconsin may encounter include:

  • Partnership disputes;
  • Shareholder disputes;
  • Business formation issues;
  • Litigation;
  • Copyright, trademark, patent, and intellectual property laws;
  • Employment law compliance; and
  • Buy, sell, or trade agreements.

In addition to the common issues above, a business law attorney can represent your business in a variety of other legal areas. In addition to legal disputes, businesses often require counsel in regards to business transactions, formations, and compliance with state or federal laws. Do not wait until a violation has occurred; protect your business from its formation by consulting with a legal professional early on.


Protecting Your Business’s Best Interests

Running a profitable business takes more than just creativity, hard work, and dedication; it also requires a thorough understanding of business laws, obligations, and sound legal practices. For the latter, the counsel of an experienced Wisconsin business law attorney is recommended. When you have a well-crafted business structure and have an advocate who can advocate for your business’s best interests, you are protecting yourself against potential disputes and unfortunate consequences.

In the event that a business dispute does occur, an attorney can advocate on your behalf. When a dispute requires litigation, having a business attorney improves your chances of your suit being resolved in your favor.

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