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Real estate purchases play a central role in many people’s residential and commercial affairs. But real estate is a complex area of Indiana law, and with its high value, it is important not to make any mistakes when conducting real estate transactions. If are planning on buying or selling real estate, you should be familiar with Indiana law to protect your interests and investments. An experienced Merrillville real estate attorney can provide you with essential guidance and counsel throughout the process.

Purchasing and Selling

An attorney can help you with all types of real estate, whether residential or commercial, small or large, vacant or built-up property. Each type of property comes with its own special types of legal requirements and issues, including:

  • Transferring a lease;
  • Transferring funds;
  • Drafting or reviewing a purchase contract;
  • Preparing documents;
  • Overseeing the closing process;
  • Complying with disclosure duties;
  • Usage and release agreements;
  • Explaining the terms of a lease, mortgage, or other legal obligation;
  • Title disputes; and
  • Investigating any existing liens, covenants, or other encumbrances against a property.

Other Real Estate Issues

Legal issues may also arise in contexts other than real estate transactions. One of the most common problems that property owners face is foreclosures. If you are unable to keep up with your mortgage payments, a lawyer can help you make sure you do not lose everything in foreclosure, and may even be able to help you keep your home by negotiating a foreclosure prevention agreement.

Since landlords and tenants often want to continue their relationship after disputes are resolved, it is especially helpful to have an attorney help you navigate landlord-tenant disputes. Title disputes may arise if someone else has a claim to all or part of your property. A lawyer can also represent or advise you in other matters, such as eminent domain and condemnation proceedings, evictions, or zoning and land use questions.

Consult with an Experienced Indiana Real Estate Lawyer

If you have a legal question or dispute regarding real estate, an experienced lawyer can help you protect your interests and defend your rights. The attorneys at the Legal Group Ltd. are dedicated to representing your best interests. Please call our Merrillville office today to schedule an initial consultation.

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