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Civil litigation is probably best understood as the type of litigation that exists to reach solutions to civil, rather than criminal, matters. Civil lawsuits can include personal injury claims, landlord disputes, business-related disputes, workers’ compensation claims, employment law violations, environmental law violation claims, and anti-trust claims. To put it simply, civil lawsuits are the type of claim where one or more parties seek monetary compensation for the damages caused by the defendant, rather than seeking to have him or her convicted of a crime.

Civil lawsuits can be as complicated as criminal lawsuits. If you are involved in any type of civil legal action, start working with an experienced civil litigation attorney as soon as you can to give your case the best chance possible of succeeding.

What Can I Expect During Civil Litigation?

You can actually expect to never see the inside of a courtroom. This is because almost all civil disputes are resolved through alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Civil claims can be resolved much more quickly and easily this way than through litigation.

When the parties involved in a civil lawsuit reach an agreement, they sign a settlement agreement. This is a document that states the damages the responsible party must pay to the party that suffered a loss. But if the dispute cannot be resolved by the parties involved, it must go to court.

After filing the paperwork to begin the litigation process with the court, the first step is known as discovery. This is the step where each party gathers information about the other through depositions and an exchange of documents. This process allows both parties to gain a better understanding of the other’s position. Once this process is complete, the case goes before a judge and jury, where each involved party has the opportunity to present his or her case. The judge and jury then examine all the evidence presented to come to a ruling for the case. This is known as the verdict.

If you feel a ruling was made in error, you can appeal the court’s decision. This is done through a court specifically for this purpose known as the appellate court. The appellate court can uphold the original court’s ruling or reverse it. If the appellate court reverses the original ruling on a case, the case goes through the litigation process again to reach a new verdict.

Work with an Experienced Illinois Civil Litigation Lawyer

Be proactive and start working with a civil litigation attorney as soon as you can if you are involved in a civil dispute. Doing this can help your case dramatically by equipping you with the tools you need to make productive decisions in court and outside the courtroom. To get started with one of the experienced civil litigation attorneys on our Western Springs, Illinois team, contact Legal Group Ltd. today to schedule your legal consultation.

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