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Business law is a broad topic that covers everything from incorporation, merging, and selling a business to labor law, taxation, franchising, intellectual property disputes, and even environmental concerns. Business law is one of the areas of law that affects everybody, rather than only individuals in certain positions. If you have ever held a job, purchased stock, or even bought goods or services from a commercial enterprise, the Illinois and federal business laws in place governed your actions.

If you are a business owner, it is important that you work with an attorney who can handle your company’s legal needs.

Why Would I Need to Work with a Business Attorney?

There are a variety of situations you could face as a business owner that necessitate working with a business attorney to resolve. A few examples of these situations include:

    • Merging your company with another. You could merge as equal partners, acquire another company, or have your company acquired by another. Each of these comes with unique concerns for all parties involved and the need for these parties to exercise their rights;
    • Facing an accusation of workplace discrimination. An employee might file a claim against your company alleging harassment, discrimination, or retaliation. When this happens, your attorney can help you respond in the correct way;
    • Incorporating a new business. Not sure whether your business should be incorporated as an LLC, an LP, and LLP, or something else entirely? Work with an attorney to learn the differences between these business designations; and
    • Disputes between business owners and/or shareholders. A dispute between two or more owners within a company can become complicated and costly. Similarly, a dispute involving the company’s shareholders can easily bring the company into expensive, time-consuming litigation. Protect your interests and resolve your issue as efficiently as possible by working with an attorney who knows how to handle business disputes.

Be a Savvy Business Owner

Running a business is complicated. Keep yourself free to handle the day-to-day management of your company while a competent attorney handles the legal end of your operation.

In Illinois, the Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity exists to help small business owners by providing them with information about existing regulatory laws as well as new proposals. Familiarize yourself with this agency and all it has to offer to you. If you have any questions about working with it, discuss them with your attorney.

Work with an Experienced Illinois Business Law Attorney

Do not attempt to handle your business’ legal needs by yourself. Work with an attorney who can guide you through all of the legal processes you might face as a business owner to ensure that you do not violate any state or federal laws. To get started with a member of our Western Springs, Illinois firm, contact Legal Group Ltd. today.

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