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What do you want to be when you grow up? Whenever I pondered this proverbial question, I considered numerous options. At any given point, and in no particular order, I seriously considered the following career paths: mechanic, real estate agent, academic advisor, psychotherapist, human resources professional, marine, college professor, marketing professional, accountant (for maybe one minute-does that count?), banker, FBI Agent, prima ballerina, choreographer, alderperson, carpenter, real estate investor, and a nun (yes, a nun – and I actually considered that longer than I considered accountant!). While I can’t be sure there is any commonality amongst these career options, perhaps the common thread is that I am blind to boundaries – or as my Grandfather would say … “filled with blind ambition.” So, after a considerable amount of thought, time, effort, money, and a bit of gusto – I became an attorney. It is a fascinating career choice because as an attorney, I get to be a little bit of all of the above and that suits me just fine.

I am a graduate of the John Marshall Law School in Chicago, Illinois, and I hold an undergraduate degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing from the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee. I am a member in good standing in the State Bar of Wisconsin, as well as a member of the Milwaukee Bar Association, the Waukesha County Bar Association, the Washington County Bar Association, the American Bar Association, and the Society of Family Lawyers.


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